Football Fun Facts: Things You Never Knew About the NFL

Football Fun Facts: Things You Never Knew About the NFL
Football Fun Facts: Things You Never Knew About the NFL

With the pre-season underway, thoughts of football are dominating every sports fan's mind. From August to January, fans cheer for their favorite teams as they battle it out to secure a spot at the annual championship game, the Super Bowl.

When you think of football, one of the first terms that comes to mind is probably "NFL." The NFL, or National Football League, is a household name for American football fans across the country and worldwide. Seasoned fans might think they know everything there is to know about the NFL, but there are some little-known facts about the largest football league to ever exist. Here are some surprising things you never knew about the NFL.

Sunday, Monday, Thursday

It's a common misconception that football games only take place on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Even though these days are standard, the NFL has actually played every day of the week. There was the 2010 Eagles-Viking game that was postponed until Tuesday because of a heavy snowstorm, for example, and numerous other games that were moved back due to weather. The NFL has also postponed games so they wouldn't conflict with other important events.

Now That's an Expensive Trophy

Ever wonder how much the Super Bowl Trophy costs to make? The Super Bowl Trophy, formally named the Vince Lombardi Trophy in honor of the Green Bay Packer's famous former coach, costs roughly $50,000 and takes four months to make.

How Long?

Thinking about signing up for the Green Bay Packers' season ticket list? If you thought the wait times at the amusement park or your favorite local restaurant were bad, think again!

Another thing you never knew about the NFL is how absurdly long the wait list is for the Green Bay Packer’s season tickets. If you signed up right now, it would take approximately 30 years before you received your season tickets. The Packers have had a waiting list for their season tickets since 1960. Currently, there are over 140,000 people on the list, and only a small number of tickets change hands every year.

Retired Jerseys

The Chicago Bears have the most retired jerseys (14) of any NFL team. Fitting, considering the Chicago Bears are as old as the NFL itself!

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