How To Dominate at Beer Pong: Secrets You Should Know

Beer pong is one of the greatest party games of all time. It's fun, it's competitive, and there's beer! Let's look at some secrets for dominating at beer pong.
How To Dominate at Beer Pong: Secrets You Should Know

How To Dominate at Beer Pong: Secrets You Should Know

There's one classic party game that’s better than all the rest: beer pong. It's a game that requires skill, careful planning, and the ability to drink without getting drunk. Everyone wants the best, most formidable players at their table; but how do you get to the level where you're that first and all-important draft pick? There's not just one secret to being an expert at beer pong—in fact, there's a ton of them. If you're planning to be the next beer pong champion, here are some secrets for dominating at beer pong.

Get To Know Your Playing Style

Are you the type who gets better with alcohol, or the type who gets much, much worse? Some players perform better at the beginning of the game, and then start to falter after a few cups. Others might start off on the wrong foot but finish the game with a bang. By discovering your own talents and inhibitions, you can come up with some pre-game strategies, prepare for the worst-case scenario, and pick out a partner that complements your playing style.

Choose the Right Teammate

It's true—opposites do attract! In beer pong, you'll want a partner who excels at what you're horrible at. If you're the type that gets better with alcohol, go with someone who gets worse. Can't handle your alcohol? Pair with someone who can. By picking someone with a complementary skillset, you can make up for your deficiencies. Make sure to look for some other key advantages, like great hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, arms as long as a yardstick, and the stature of Shaquille O'Neal. With these qualities, your partner can toss balls faster, further, and with better accuracy.

Understand the Three Types of Shot

In a standard beer long game, you can make three different shots: the arc, fastball, and bounce shot. To pull off an arc, lob the ball into the cup, shooting high. A fastball is when the ball shoots in a straight, direct line and falls into the cup. The bounce shot involves bouncing the ball on the table and into the cup. Some people are better at taking different shots. Experiment and find what type of shot works best for your personal playing style. Depending on the cup you're aiming for, different shots can give you different advantages.

Aim for the Back of the Cup

When you're taking a shot, look at the back of the cup you want to hit. Most players look at the group of cups as a whole, which can put their aim off-center. By focusing on a single cup, you can line up your shot more effectively. If you're feeling tipsy, this advice might not work as well. Once you start seeing double, change up your strategy.

Work Your Angles

Another secret for dominating at beer pong is to work your angles. When it comes to positioning, beer pong only has one rule: don't let your elbow cross the edge of the table while you're shooting. You don't have to stand directly behind the table. Move around and find the angles that work best for you. See where your shot percentage improves. Is it when you're standing to the left, or the right? Do you do better when you're closer to the table, or a few steps away from it?

Clean the Balls With Water

If the balls fall on the floor, they can pick up bacteria, pet hair, dirt, and other things that people really shouldn't be putting near their mouths. By dunking them in water, you're getting rid of some of the gunk and also giving yourself an advantage. Water gives the ball extra weight. If you're an arc shooter, this can help you get the ball into the cup.

Don’t Forget To Drink

Beer pong can get competitive, but at its core, it's designed to be a fun and carefree drinking game. The main goal? To drink. Drinking is what makes beer pong fun. If you want to win, drinking might seem counterintuitive—but by drinking in between matches, you'll be able to stay confident and calm. Drinking can help you keep the buzz going, especially if you're participating in a long tourney. Make sure to eat, too. When your stomach is happy, you won't have to worry about it grumbling and distracting you mid-game.

Pay Attention

Take the game seriously and pay close attention to where you're fumbling. What cups are you missing, and how are you missing them? Consistency is great — as long as you're consistent at winning, not losing. By taking notes, you can identify what's causing you trouble and find ways to way fix it. The best way to learn is by making mistakes, acknowledging them, and searching for a solution to the problem—not by ignoring your mistakes and winging your throws.

Mess With Their Mind, Not Their Eyes

Flailing your arms, screaming, and other petty distractions might throw your opponent off-guard, but it'll also make you look ridiculous. Instead of messing with your opponent's eyeline, try messing with their mind. That's right—we're talking full-on psychological warfare. As the saying goes, sticks and stones will break your bones, but verbal jabs? They'll obliterate your opponent's morale. Bring up missed shots, distract them with comments, and emphasize how the odds are stacked in your favor. Put on the pressure, but make sure you don't go too far. There's nothing worse than a game that ends in tears, or worse—a fight.

If You Lose, Lose Gracefully

Most champions don't brag about their wins. They're humble and take their losses with style and grace. If you lose a game, don't start flipping the table, yelling obscenities, or tearing up the party. Let the game end there. You can use your loss to reflect on your playing style and identify any areas that could use improvement. Hold your head high, keep on practicing, and before long, you'll have dozens, if not hundreds of wins under your belt.

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How To Dominate at Beer Pong: Secrets You Should Know