How To Show Off Your American Pride in the New Year

A new year means a brand-new opportunity to show off how much you love this great country. Here's how to show off your American pride in the new year.
How To Show Off Your American Pride in the New Year

How To Show Off Your American Pride in the New Year

Showing off your pride for this big, beautiful, and magnificent country isn't just a one-day endeavor—it's something you should be doing all year. If 2020 kept you from showing off the full extent of your patriotism, there's good news. It's a brand-new year, which translates into new beginnings. There's no better way to start the year then with some exciting celebrations and preparation for the long months ahead of us. Wondering how to show off your American pride in the new year? These simple, effective tips for showing your patriotism will help you get started.

Don't Shirk Your Duties

It might not be the most pleasant part of showing off your pride, but it's one of the most important. Keeping America running requires the hard work, talent, and dedication of its citizens. We all pay our taxes, we're all contributing to the economy with our jobs, and we all sit through the occasional jury duty—but isn't there something else we can do to show our support for America? In fact, there's plenty. One way to help this country is through volunteering. If you want to support America's troops, you can give your time to a local veteran's hospital or organization. Feel like giving a hand to America's cats, dogs, and other animals? Animal shelters are always looking for extra help. The last year led to a surge in unemployment and homelessness. Now more than ever, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and donation centers need your support. Volunteering is great, but you can be an upstanding American citizen from the comfort of your own home or neighborhood. If you see someone in trouble, step in, and always lend a helping hand. Sometimes patriotism shows itself in the little things, like helping your next-door neighbors with a landscaping project or making someone at the local grocery store smile.

Support Historical Monuments and Locations

Another way to show off your American pride in the new year is to support historical monuments and locations. America's long, interesting history has led to the formation of cultural and historical locations like museums or national parks, and monuments like Mount Rushmore or the Lincoln Memorial. To keep America's history alive, it's important to support the preservation of these historically significant places. You don't have to personally clean Lincoln's marble feet or carefully arrange an exhibit of revolutionary era rifles but funding the people who do is pivotal to maintaining these incredible parts of our history. The National Park Service, for example, operates on a small budget, and proposed budget cuts make their situation worse. Staff, hours, and amenities might be reduced or eliminated, which can lead to the eventual destruction of the places that make America beautiful and unique. Thankfully, supporting these national monuments is as easy as visiting them, either in person or virtually. By showing up, you're letting the government know that these monuments are important to the American people and need to be preserved. If you want to go even further, you can donate to a specific park or a Friends of the Park organization.

Deck the Halls with Patriotic Decorations

Volunteering, visiting national monuments, and funding what's important to you aren't the only ways to show off your American pride. If there's one thing Americans do well, it's going all out. You don't have to reserve your red, white, and blue decorations for the Fourth of July. Why not make them a household staple? Decorating your home with patriotic flags, banners, doormats, and whatever else you can think of isn't just fun—it shows off your patriotism loud and clear. Turning your entire home into an America-themed masterpiece might be overboard, but there's nothing wrong with a few decorations here and there. If you're not the crafty type, a few yard signs and your trusty American flag will do just fine. When you're putting up your flag, make sure you do it right. Never fly your flag in the dark. At night, your flag should be illuminated. If you don't have any suitable outdoor lights, take your flag down and carefully store it at sundown, placing it back up at sunrise. You want your flag to be in perfect condition. If your flag is covered in holes, tears, or stains, it's a show of disrespect to both the flag and all the service members who died protecting what it represents. If you have a flag that’s worn out from multiple years of use, it's time to respectfully retire it and purchase a new one. If you love to make things, there's a never-ending list of craft projects you can try. Paint an old chair in patriotic colors, add stripes and stars to your next woodworking project, or make your own yard signs with some leftover cardboard and loose art supplies.

Show Your Patriotism Wherever You Go

Displaying your American pride at home is a good start, but how do you show it off when you’re out and about? There are a few simple ways you can take your patriotism on the road with you. Wearing patriotic clothing and accessories is a surefire way to make your love for America stand out. You can be big, bold, and eye-catching with your fashion choices, or, if you'd prefer, more subdued. A full ensemble of patriotic apparel will proudly show off your pride, while hats, sunglasses, and phone cases can deliver your point subtly. Wearing your pride isn't the only way to show it off. When you're on the road, other drivers won't be looking at your clothes. Instead, they’ll have their eyes trained on the back of your car, truck, or motorcycle. Decorating your bumper with patriotic stickers will let everyone else on the highway know that you’re a true patriot. If you're driving a motorcycle, why not put on a patriotic helmet? They’re stylish, safe, and sure to turn heads.

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American Pride in the New Year