Most Profitable Sports Teams in the World

There are the successful teams, the profitable teams, and the ones that are both. Let’s check out some of the most profitable sports teams in the world.
Most Profitable Sports Teams in the World
Most Profitable Sports Teams in the World

It’s probably no shocker, but football franchises dominate the list of the world’s most profitable sports teams. There’s the all-American football we know and love and some popular, well-known football leagues from Europe. But football isn’t the only sport that makes money. There’s also basketball, baseball, golf, and more. Interested in knowing more? Let’s take a look at some of the most profitable sports teams in the world and learn how they managed to rake in the big bucks.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys, with its unofficial title as America’s Team, isn’t just the most profitable sports team in the world—it’s also the most valuable. For the last 12 years, the Dallas Cowboys has secured a spot as the one of the most valuable franchises in America and in the entire world. As of 2020, the team is valued at an impressive $5 billion. In 2018, the team’s savvy owner, Jerry Jones, decided to make the Cowboys the first NFL team to partner with a casino. All in all, the Dallas Cowboys earns twice the sponsorship revenue of any other team in the National Football League.

Houston Texans

The Texans, valued at $2.8 billion, has had some successful past few seasons, selling out hundreds of games and packing stadiums to nearly 100% capacity. The team’s late owner, Robert McNair, purchased the franchise for $600 million in 1999. Since then, the team has achieved relative success, despite facing a disastrous 2017 season and some devastating playoff losses.

Manchester United

A fan-favorite football team from England, Manchester United boasts famous names such as David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo along with 20 domestic championships. The team isn’t just good at on-field tactics—it also makes clever moves when it comes to finances, too. The franchise, valued at $3.81 billion, has high-paying sponsorships, including one with Kohler that pays $13 million a year.

New York Knicks

Football isn’t the only sport that shows up on the list of the most profitable sports teams in the world. Worth an impressive $4 billion, the New York Knicks is one of the most valuable teams in the NBA, and it’s been that way for four years straight. The Madison Square Garden Company, which owns the franchise, made the wise decision to spin off its sports division, which includes the New York Rangers franchise, into a separately traded company. Despite struggling to make it to the playoffs in recent years, the Knicks is still one of the most profitable basketball teams in America.

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