The Greatest Moments in Super Bowl History

It all leads up to one, major event: the Super Bowl, one of the most anticipated events worldwide. Let’s check out the greatest moments in Super Bowl history.
The Greatest Moments in Super Bowl History

The Greatest Moments in Super Bowl History

Football fans look forward to one event more than anything else: that one special day in February when two of the season’s best teams battle it out for victory. That’s right: it’s the Super Bowl. Since 1967, the Super Bowl has been one of the most-watched, most-anticipated annual sporting events worldwide. Some games have been lackluster, while others gave us moments we’d remember for years to come. Sometimes, the smallest play makes the entire game worthwhile. Let’s look at some of the greatest moments in Super Bowl history.

Malcolm Butter’s INT

2014’s Super Bowl XLIX was a close call—too close for comfort. The New England Patriots were up against the Seattle Seahawks, 28–24. The Patriots had 20 seconds left to preserve their winning score, but things were looking bleak. Seattle was on New England’s one-yard line and about to score—when Malcolm Butter, an undrafted rookie, decided to make a last-ditch effort. With a perfect read and unforgettable interception, Butter saved the day, officially securing victory for the New England Patriots. The Seattle Seahawks’ bid to become the league’s latest dynasty was crushed in a matter of seconds, leaving the Seahawks—and their fans—stunned.

David Tyree’s Helmet Catch

It was a move that would cause any seasoned coach to cringe, but by some miracle, David Tyree managed to pull it off. It was Super Bowl XLII, the New York Giants against the New England Patriots. Scrambling amid a broken play, the Giants’ quarterback decided to throw into triple coverage in the middle of the field. With 59 seconds to go, he pinned the pass against his helmet on the other end of the 32-yard hookup. Four plays later, Tyree scored the game winning touchdown, crushing the New England Patriots’ previously undefeated streak.

Joe Namath’s Guarantee

Another one of the greatest moments in Super Bowl history was Joe Namath’s famous guarantee. Joe Namath was a fan of bold predictions and a master at backing them up. Days before Super Bowl III in 1969, he claimed the Jets would win the game by a landslide. The Colts were the favorite to win, making his statement one that stirred up controversy—and one that would’ve shot him in the foot if he wasn’t right. Namath, despite not scoring or throwing for a touchdown, was named the game’s MVP. As he jogged off the Orange Bowl field after the New York Jets’ monumental upset of the Baltimore Colts, he raised his index finger to the sky—a gesture that said it all.

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