The Modern Mullet for Men: Should It Still Be a Thing?

The modern mullet for men: should it still be a thing? The short answer, of course, is yes. It’s a wonderfully functional hair style that’s timeless.
The Modern Mullet for Men: Should It Still Be a Thing?

The Modern Mullet for Men: Should It Still Be a Thing?

The modern mullet for men: should it still be a thing? The short answer is abso-freaking-lutely. Rock God David Bowie (and his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust) is credited with the first mullet. Bowie was known for his odd outfits and glam style, and everyone was eager to follow his lead. The mullet was born and slowly crept into barbershops and salons all over the country. America’s mom, Carol Brady, even sported one on the hit TV show The Brady Bunch during the 1970s. After disappearing from the world after Kurt Cobain and grunge hit the scene in the 1990s, the mullet is making a strong comeback at the perfect time. The mullet stands for freedom, partying hard, and tight jeans—things that we all can use more of. The mullet is needed now more than ever in this time of pandemic, uncertainty, and confusion. There is a renaissance taking place, and we can thank one man for the rebirth of the mullet: Joe Exotic.

A Hero at the Right Time

With the world locked in their homes, a hero has emerged to save us all from the tedium of sheltering in place. If you haven’t had the pleasure, start watching the Netflix series Tiger King. There you will discover a man who is more than a man; he is a tiger king. He is a man who has tamed savage beasts for our entertainment with the power of his mullet. One look and the tigers know they are outmatched by the magnitude and charisma of the mullet looming before them. Joe Exotic is the hero the world needs to guide us through this pandemic with his mullet, moxie, charm, and tiger-taming skills.

Worthy of P.T. Barnum

Joe Exotic is not only a hero, but a master showman. In this world of influencers, social media, and YouTube personalities, being yourself simply isn’t enough. To stand out in a crowded room, you can’t simply speak; you have to scream from a megaphone. Joe figured out how to do it with his mastery of the two-tone mullet. Bleach-bottle blond all over and brown siding complete the look. He crafted his look and persona to fit that of a redneck from Oklahoma, complete with pistol, eyebrow ring, and multiple tattoos. Knowing full well that he would divert the conversation away from sickness, death, and misery and toward himself, Joe forged ahead with bravado and selflessness. He would steer the dialogue and focus to himself and shoulder the burden and misery of the world. A hero takes many shapes and forms, but now all after will be compared to him. Many titans have used the mullet for their benefit: larger-than-life personalities like Billy Ray Cyrus, John Daley, Joe Dirt, and Kenny Powers have all used the mullet for fame and fortune. But none have used the mullet to tame tigers and save the world.

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