Tips for Pouring the Best Tasting Beer

Stop wasting beer and looking foolish. Use these handy tips for pouring the best tasting beer. Be the hero you are meant to be at your next party.
Tips for Pouring the Best Tasting Beer

Tips for Pouring the Best Tasting Beer

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” It’s a quote attributed to Ben Franklin, though whether he actually said it is a debate for people who have time to argue over nothing. But whoever said those inspiring words is spot on—beer is great. In 2018, Americans drank 6.3 billion gallons of beer, which is about 26.2 gallons per adult. To that, we say, “Congratulations, America, but we can do better!” A few of those delicious beers were of the draft variety, no doubt poured by careless amateurs who didn’t know what they were doing, resulting in a huge head—a tragedy if ever there was one. We offer these tips for pouring the best tasting beer so that no beer gets wasted, and all is enjoyed. Cheers!

Clean the Glass

First things first, get a clean glass. You aren’t standing in line at a frat house kegger, and if you are, then you should have a red solo cup in your hand, so it doesn’t matter. This is the big-time, so act like you’ve been there before. Dirty pint glasses have oil residue, dust, and other foulness that will ruin the taste of your beer. Use actual soap and a sponge to clean the glass—your taste buds will thank you.

Let It Flow

After you pull the tapper or press the handle on the keg, let some beer flow. In a bar or your kegerator, some beer sits in the line for a while, and it doesn’t taste good. Letting it flow for a second or two (literally) will clear it out. This also makes the flow consistent and ensures that you are getting beer instead of foam. Air in the lines could come out at first and create a massive head, in which case you’d need to start over anyway.

Hold It at a 45-Degree Angle

Once you have a good stream flowing, hold the glass at the lip of the spigot at a 45-degree angle. Doing this keeps the foam down and lets the beer slide down the side of the glass. Stay in that position until the glass is half full.

Adjust During the Pour

At the halfway point, it’s time to adjust the angle. Slowly tilt the glass into an upright position. This will prevent the beer from spilling out, but it will also give the perfect amount of head. Ideally, you want a bit of foam at the top of the beer—about an inch. Head is more aesthetically appealing and makes the beer look more delicious, but it also circulates the aromatics of the beer and lets you enjoy the full flavor.

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