Why Beer Cheese Should Be Considered the Most American Dip

Why Beer Cheese Should Be Considered the Most American Dip

Of all the dips in the world, there’s one that’s more distinctly American than the rest—and that’s beer cheese. Beer cheese is a dip that consists of strong sharp cheddar; garlic; powerful spices, like dry mustard, horseradish, and cayenne pepper; and not to be forgotten, beer.

Its all-American origin and heavy use of familiar, American flavors are only some of the reasons why beer cheese should be considered the most American dip. Let's find out the rest.


Clark County, Kentucky, named after Revolutionary War hero George Rogers Clark and settled by pioneers long before America won its independence, is considered the birthplace of beer cheese.

It was created by Joe Allman for the southwestern-influenced restaurant, Johnny Allman’s. After its original conception, beer cheese spread across the nation.

Today, it’s commonly served in Wisconsin, the cheese capital of the world. An annual beer cheese festival, known for its beer, music, arts and crafts, competitions, and most importantly, beer cheese, is still held every year in Kentucky.

Outside of the United States, beer cheese isn’t widely distributed—making it almost exclusively 100 percent American.

Pairs Perfectly With American Beer

Beer cheese should be considered the most American dip because it’s made with familiar American flavors, like sharp cheddar and, well, American beer. The dip’s strong flavor pairs exceptionally well with most beers.

Boston Lager, an all-American beer passed down through the generations, is one of the more popular choices. Its parent company, Samuel Adams, was named after a founding father and American hero, making their beers some of the most patriotic you can get. Their other lagers also work well as a key beer cheese ingredient.

Generally, malty and hoppy beers pair best. But since all beer is good, fans of the dip are free to choose according to their preferences.

A Patriotic Snack

Beer cheese is a great dip to serve at America’s most beloved patriotic events. A crowd-pleaser, it’s ideal for Superbowl tailgates, Fourth of July celebrations, and backyard barbecues.

Beer cheese is part of the menu at most bars, which makes it easy to get for people who prefer to watch football at local sports pubs.

Traditionally, the dip is served with saltine crackers or celery, the perfect accompaniments to homemade or store-bought beer cheese.

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