Bottle Share Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts You Gotta Know

As long as everyone involved follows the rules, bottle sharing events are awesome. Let’s go over the dos and don’ts of bottle share etiquette.
Bottle Share Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts You Gotta Know

Bottle Share Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts You Gotta Know

If you’re not familiar with what a bottle share is, you’re missing out! A bottle share is a get-together between fans of craft beer, with each attendee bringing a bottle of beer (or several) to share with the group. It’s a great way to spend time with your closest friends and an opportunity to taste brands or flavors of beer that you’ve never gotten the chance to try before. Whether you decide that bottle sharing should be an infrequent, well-planned event or a frequent and spontaneous get-together between friends, adhere to the basic etiquette of the event. Following these rules will guarantee a fantastic experience for everyone involved and keep the beer from leaving a sour taste in your mouth. Let’s go over the dos and don’ts of bottle share etiquette so that you can make your next beer sharing event a rousing success.

What To Do

The most straightforward rule to follow is that you should always bring a great, high-quality beer. Your bottle share might have a theme, in which case you should bring a beer related to that theme. Otherwise, bring something that you personally enjoy and that you’ve recently picked up from the store or ordered online. It might seem ingenious and hilarious to unload the rest of an unpalatable sampler 12-pack on your friends, but it’s a good way to ruin the integrity of the event (unless the theme is “The Worst Beer I Ever Tasted”). Make sure to take enough beer for everyone. You don’t want to show up at a ten-person event with only three beers. Generally, you’ll want to bring enough beer that each person at the event can get a 2-ounce pour.

Another rule you should always follow is to bring your own glass. Now more than ever, safety should be one of your top priorities at bottle sharing events. Bringing your own glass will keep you safe from germs and bacteria and save the host from having to wash a pile of dirty glassware after the event. The final rule you should follow is simple. Make sure to obey the house rules of the person who’s hosting the event. If they don’t want you to use your cell phones or wander at random through their home, do your best to respect their wishes.

What Not To Do

Most bottle sharing events aren’t strict, and the things you should avoid doing at them should be obvious according to basic courtesy. Don’t be late. Don’t be disrespectful. Never open someone else’s beer. If you’re not a fan of a specific beer, be polite about it. Similarly, don’t get too upset if people aren’t a fan of the beer you brought. Everyone has their own taste in beer, and it’s not always going to be the same as yours. As long as you follow these basic rules, your next bottle sharing event should go without a hitch!

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of bottle share etiquette, we have one other piece of advice to impart to you. An unspoken rule of attending a bottle sharing event is to show up looking your best. Greater Half’s selection of men’s and women’s patriotic clothing will guarantee you’re well-dressed for the occasion.