What Your Favorite Style of Beer Says About You

Each kind of beer has its own unique characteristics and personality. Wondering what your favorite beer says about your personality? Here's a deep analysis.
What Your Favorite Style of Beer Says About You

What Your Favorite Style of Beer Says About You

Horoscopes, fortune cookies, and random quizzes online are most people's go-to choices when they want to have other people tell them about themselves. Does your birthday, your passion for Chinese takeout, and your answers to ludicrous and overly personal questions online actually play a role in who you are as a person? Maybe.

At the very least, there's some evidence to suggest that what we eat and drink correlates with our personalities. So, what better way to judge your personality than through your favorite kind of beer? Here's what your favorite style of beer says about you.


Fans of IPAs tend to be extraverted. They're social butterflies and the life of every party. And when they're not busy socializing, they spread their butterfly wings and head off on new adventures. They're willing to try just about anything and are a stock of knowledge on innumerous subjects.

Those who love IPAs are also known for their unpredictability. They're spontaneous and their mood can change at the flip of a switch.

Lagers and Pilsners

People who love lagers and pilsners are calm, responsible, and worldly. They always go with the flow. Wherever the wind blows, you will find them there.

That said, just because they're easygoing and don't often take the initiative doesn't mean they're boring. They're down to try anything so long as someone else suggests doing it first. Skydiving? Sure. Climbing Mount Everest? What's the worst that can happen?


Stout enthusiasts are independent and reserved. They'd prefer to live somewhere remote and cold surrounded by wilderness—the Alaskan mountainside, maybe, so they can sit on their porch with a good drink and watch a bunch of brown bears brawl during a blizzard. Now that's peak entertainment!

Stout lovers aren't always withdrawn, though. They always seem to show up whenever there's an event going on, whether it’s the town’s annual Oktoberfest, an impromptu Civil War reenactment, or National Donut Day at Dunkin'.

Sour Ale

Love sour ale? Here’s what your favorite beer says about you. People who enjoy a good sour ale seem to perpetually have their head in the clouds. They're creative, imaginative, and prefer the sweeter things in life—candy, cute puppies, and warm and sunny weather.

You can usually find them outside, ale in hand, daydreaming or doing some crazy stunt. Is ramping over a 12' deep swimming pool on a motorcycle safe? No, not remotely, but they're the kind of people who would try it anyway.

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