How to Start a Fantasy Football League

Learn how to start a fantasy football league and dominate the competition. Make no friends and take no prisoners this season as you win it all.
How to Start a Fantasy Football League

How to Start a Fantasy Football League

There once was a saying that football season never ended. Many believed that football was year-round and that it always dominated the headlines. Then 2020 showed up and said, “Hold my beer.” Since mid-March, there has been little to no talk about the greatest game in the world. There is an assumption, though, that there is going to be football this year, and there are rumblings in the deepest parts of the internet. Negotiations are happening, coaches are losing sleep, and players are training. It’s time to start the fantasy football machine again. If you’re looking to start your own league for the first time, we’ve got you covered on how to start a fantasy football league. Veteran or rookie, it doesn’t matter; these tips are universal.

Find a Platform

Fantasy football was first organized using the newspaper and a pencil on Monday morning. It’s come a long way since a bunch of nerds started playing. There are a dozen different platforms to choose from that can host your league. Yahoo, CBS Sports, FOX Sports, and ESPN are just a few. They have some different features, and some are more user-friendly than others, but they all get the job done. Veteran players and leagues are loyal, but it’s a matter of preference. Pick one and stick with it.

Set the Rules

The evolution of fantasy football has turned into a complex monster of rules. Established leagues operate like the NFL with waiver claims and salary caps and other nonsense. Keep the rules simple in the beginning and use the recommended format. Keep the scoring simple and lineups traditional, then get more in-depth next season.

Recruit Owners

Start hitting up the crew and find out who wants to play. Recruiting people on social media is acceptable too. Odds are that most of your people who like football are already in a league, so expand the search. Coworkers are okay too. Just don’t bring in any wringers who will dominate. You want to win, so try to stack the deck in your favor, Commish.

Schedule a Draft

The draft date is crucial, and you can really screw up the whole league if you schedule the draft too early. Don’t get excited and schedule it at the beginning of training camp. Wait until the last preseason game is over at the earliest. After that game, all the rosters will be down to 52 players and the starters will be named. You’ll know who is injured, who isn’t, and who was traded. All of that matters when drafting, so obtain your information first.

Start Talking Trash

The best part of starting a fantasy football league is trash-talking. Trash-talk early and often, typically during the draft. Be fearless and inventive with it to affect the decision-making of your opponents. Good luck.

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