What to Wear and Bring to a Golf Tournament

Golf is full of obscure rules and etiquette, so be ready before you head out to the course. Here is what to wear and bring to a golf tournament.
What to Wear and Bring to a Golf Tournament

What to Wear and Bring to a Golf Tournament

Heading out for the best ball tournament or a company golf outing is always a good time, even if you are an awful golfer. There are other things that you can focus on during the round other than your terrible play. Golf is a game steeped in rules and tradition and the whole atmosphere surrounding the game is conservative. Conservative meaning players must uphold proper attire, etiquette, and decorum—even from a first-time player. If you don’t know what the rules and unwritten rules of the game are, don’t worry. We’re sure someone will fill you in when you do something wrong. For now, we’ll fill you in on what to wear and bring to a golf tournament before you hit the links.


You won’t want to forget your golf bag and clubs—they’re pretty important. Some courses do have a rental bag you can use, but you’ll want to avoid them, as these bags usually pre-date plumbing and electricity. Once you obtain a bag, take as many golf balls as you possibly can. You may lose a lot of them along the way, and you don’t want to pay for them at the course. Further, put an umbrella in your bag, plenty of tees, and a windbreaker if you are playing in the spring or fall.


Before you leave the house, find out if the course has a dress code; many of them do. Take that seriously because they may not allow you to play if you break the code. It’s usually no big deal—collared shirts and shorts or pants for men and golf shoes will do the trick. The best rule is to dress for the event. For example, if it’s a work outing, you’ll probably want to keep it conservative. However, if there is no dress code, then go crazy and wear whatever you want (short of something that will get you arrested for public indecency). You can never go wrong with a loud and colorful golf polo or some awesome patriotic clothing.


Bring plenty of cash with you for the tourney. This is good for gambling on holes and buying drinks before, during, and after the round. If, and more likely when, your game goes down the toilet, dip into that cash and take your mind off things with a drink or two. Remember to tip the employee driving the cart generously so they come back around often. This way, you can keep your focus on something positive and not how awful at golf you are.