The History of Samuel Adams Beer

Samuel Adams is a classic, all-American beer, but it took a lot of hardship to get it where it is today. Keep on reading for the history of Samuel Adams beer.
The History of Samuel Adams Beer

The History of Samuel Adams Beer

There’s no better all-American beer than Samuel Adams. Named after one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, the beer has a long, impressive history. If you’re wondering how this revolutionary craft beer got its roots, here’s a brief introduction to the history of Samuel Adams beer.

How It Started

Jim Koch, the founder of Samuel Adams, wasn’t originally interested in inheriting his father’s 150-year-old brewery. Instead, he attended Harvard, later beginning a long career in management consulting. As time went on, Koch felt the urge to try something new, and his attention turned to his family’s brewery. After reviewing his great-great-grandfather Louis Koch’s beer recipe, he decided to try altering it. Koch started brewing in his own kitchen, and after weeks of hard work, determination, and experimentation, he brewed the very first Samuel Adams Boston Lager in 1984.

He decided to name the beer after Samuel Adams, the optimistic, charismatic patriot who brought people together to start the American Revolution. Samuel Adams was once a brewer himself, with a long family tradition in brewing. During the following spring, Koch walked around Boston with briefcases filled with bottles of his beer and sold them to local pubs. During the time, the main brew options consisted of pale lagers. Koch’s new brew, with its full, rich flavor, was an instant hit.

The Brewery Today

Not long after Koch started selling his new, revolutionary brew, the Boston Beer Company was founded in Boston. Today, the company owns three breweries: the original Boston brewery along with one in Cincinnati, Ohio, and another in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. Samuel Adams Boston Lager was followed by other varieties of craft beer, including Samuel Adams Seasonals, Rebel Family, Limited-Release Samuel Adams, and Nitro, along with other types of drinks such as Twisted Tea and Angry Orchard Cider. The original Boston brewery now offers tours and tastings to curious visitors interested in learning more about the history of Samuel Adams beer or sampling some of their delicious drinks.

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