Ways to Celebrate Our Veterans on Veterans Day

Check out these ways to celebrate our country’s veterans on Veterans Day. Take the time to honor those who protected and served our nation in times of war.
Ways to Celebrate Our Veterans on Veterans Day

Ways to Celebrate Our Veterans on Veterans Day

November 11, 2020, is Veterans Day, a day to recognize and celebrate those who volunteered to protect this nation. It was originally called Armistice Day, and it marked the end of World War I. In 1938, November 11 was dedicated to the cause of world peace and honored the veterans of World War I. After World War II and the Korean War, the name was changed in 1954 to Veterans Day to celebrate those who fought in every war. The holiday is a time to honor and celebrate all soldiers who have answered the call of duty. Here are some ways to celebrate our veterans on Veterans Day.

Care Package Packing Party

Soldiers who are serving overseas love to get packages from home. There are things that they miss from home that the military doesn’t provide. There are websites that give ideas about the things soldiers want and how to get them delivered. Buy a bunch of fun stuff and spend a day getting them together and making a soldier’s day special.

Visit a Veterans Hospital

Celebrate our veterans on Veterans Day by sharing stories. Visit a veterans’ hospital in your area and donate some of your time. Chatting with an elderly or injured veteran is a great way to brighten their day. Many don’t have any family and are ready to talk. Be ready to hear some exciting stories about their time in the military. Take an activity along that you can do together.

Wear a Red Poppy

If you’ve ever seen the guy at the traffic light collecting donations and giving out little red flowers, those are poppies. The American Legion distributes the flowers on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, and they are all handmade by veterans as part of their rehabilitation. Every donation goes directly to assist disabled and hospitalized veterans.

Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

It’s not easy for veterans to adjust back to civilian life, and many of them struggle to find work. Many opt for self-employment and become successful. Find a veteran-owned business and support it whenever possible. A simple search will yield lots of results in a variety of industries.

Send a Card

Think about the veterans whom you know personally and make a list. Compile their names and addresses and make a personalized thank-you card. Keep the list and add to it every year and send cards out every Veterans Day. A personalized message means more than buying a card and signing it. Everyone likes to get a card in the mail, even tough old soldiers.

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